Autonio V 1.0 “Byzantine Conqueror” will be released at 23:45 CST, 30- Nov-2017

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Autonio V 1.0 “Byzantine Conqueror” will be released at 23:45 CST, 30- Nov-2017
Autonio will be made first available to public through NIO kings competition winners, total of 9 people in NIO kings will be able to use the main application and will test it and provide info on usage any minor bugs to be corrected. NIO kings will test the app for 7 days, until 23:45 CST December 7, 2017 following which everyone will be able to use it. NIO kings will also share their opinion and feedback with the people during the meantime of testing as they wish.

First release to everyone will contain everything except genetic algorithm module which will be released as an update after few weeks.

Starting 23:45 CST, 30- Nov-2017 NIO supply will begin to burn up to a max of 80% of total supply as coded in the app.

Ongoing we will take community feedback and evolve it and make updated version release every 3 to 6 months. Even as of now in this release many of the functions were made as per the request of the community, we have made as you like and will continue to do so in the future as Autonio application evolves.

Thank you for your patience and support, we have just scratched the surface, so much more to do 🙂


Platform has been released to the NIO Kings.

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