How to register on Autonio

Updated on December 9, 2017 in Beginners and Newbies
0 on December 9, 2017

When you open settings, you will get a page like this

Enter your Ethereum address and create a password which you want to use for your account.
USE YOUR PERSONAL ETHER ADDRESS NOT AN EXCHANGE ADDRESS. Why? Because if you plan to sell your strategies in near future then this address will be used by you to get your payments when you sell strategies.

After creating account you will get a message like this:

First 1000 users get a free one month usage. If you are among first 1000. You have two options to get your free month.
Option# 1: Post a message in our telegram group with your address and amount of NIO, we will pay for your membership (This might take time considering the current situation of Ethereum transactions)
Option# 2: You can pay for your membership by yourself then give us your ethereum address and transaction details of NIO paid by you and we will reimburse you the amount of NIO paid. We have a group on Telegram for reimbursement.

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